All hearing clinics are not equal. They can be different in many ways, and we think locally owned is better. Here are just a few reasons why:

1 – You’re not a number. The owner is often in the store. If you’re having a problem, there is an authority you can talk to. This is someone who values your business and wants to ensure your needs are met.

2 – Most independent clinics sell more than one brand of hearing aids. This gives the hearing professional more professional freedom to fit you with the right device. Some hearing aids have real advantages over others. Clinics can’t offer these benefits if they limit what they offer.

3 – There are few things more frustrating that having to repeat your issues to constantly changing employees. Staff training is expensive and in most independent clinics, the owner is the professional helping you or they value staff who stay a long time. It’s nice to feel like family when you walk into the clinic.


Eric McKeown

Hearing Instrument Specialist

Encore Audiology  Alexandria Ontario