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Our independent clinics all offer the same core suite of trusted, professional services.
All our services are supported by counselling, education and personalized care at every stage.

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation

Our audiologists begin with a thorough evaluation to assess the health of your auditory system and determine the extent of any hearing loss. This analysis ensures we have a complete understanding of your situation, allowing us to provide personalized recommendations.

If a hearing loss is identified, your professional will recommend one of two options:

OPTION 1 — If a medical solution is available, you will be advised to visit your family physician.

OPTION 2 — If no medical solution is available, counselling and/or a hearing aid will be recommended.

Hearing Aid Fittings

Hearing aids are not a one-size-fits-all solution. We carefully program and fine-tune each device to match your hearing requirements. You’ll even have the opportunity to try them for 30 days with no obligation.

Our goal is to make sure that you’re comfortable and satisfied with your choice, not to rush you into making one. Once you’ve made your decision, our team provides ongoing support and guidance so that you can be hearing at your best.

Hearing Aid Recommendations

If a hearing loss is identified that can’t be medically corrected, a hearing aid is often recommended.

The Audiologist/Hearing Instrument Specialist will make the evaluation based on your hearing loss, lifestyle and needs.

Funding Assistance

Each independent clinic is registered with various municipal, provincial and federal sources of funding. Contact your local hearing clinic for a list of funding resources in your area.


It will take time to get used to your hearing aids.

The performance will improve gradually as you become used to amplification. Observe the following realities when you start living with your new hearing aid:

  • There should be no “feedback” (whistling) when the hearing aids are properly seated in your ears.
  • Your own voice may initially sound hollow or artificial but will eventually be acceptable to you.
  • Your hearing in quiet and mild background environments should be improved.
  • Hearing in environments with loud background noise may still be difficult.
  • Soft speech should be audible, average speech should be comfortable and loud speech should not be uncomfortable.
  • Your hearing aids will not restore your hearing capabilities to “normal” or pre-existing levels.
  • Hearing aids do not completely eliminate background noise.

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