One of the odd side effects of the Pandemic involves masks and their relationship with hearing aids. Both are fighting with glasses for precious real estate on top and around the ear. Our ears have been given much responsibility.

Unfortunately, many of our clients are arriving in our offices with tales of woe. Hearing aids lost in the grocery store parking lot, hearing aids lost in the pharmacy parking lot, hearing aids lost at the gas station… you get the picture. These devices are designed to be light weight, so you do not realize you are wearing them. When the elastic strap from a mask is removed it can fling these miniature electronic devices into the air without the wearer realizing what has happened. This can be an expensive problem so here are some solutions:

  • Never remove your mask while walking to the car. Wait until you are in the car. That way, if a hearing aid falls, it can be more easily found.
  • Rid yourself of the battle for space around your ear. Try a mask that can be lifted from your neck over your nose, it will not interfere with your hearing aids at all.
  • Some hearing aids use a loose-fitting dome in the ear canal. This is great for comfort but not so great for retention when battling an elastic from a mask. Ask your hearing professional about more secure custom-made options. They will cost some money but significantly less than new hearing aids.