Hearing Aid technology has often been viewed as pretty boring. Amplifying sound can only get so exciting. Right?

It tends to be geeks like me who enjoy talking about wide dynamic compression, noise cancellation and frequency transposition. After a while most people tune me out, thinking I’m a little odd. This is why I was surprised to see a Hearing Aid Manufacturer at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The Consumer Electronics Show is where all the new cool gadgets are launched for the first time. This year the new trends featured wearable computers and flexible TV screens. What was a hearing aid company doing there?

The new Resound LiNX hearing aid is the first to work directly with your smartphone.

No more need for remote controls or external microphones, you can simply control your volume and programs right from your iPhone. Problems hearing someone across the table in a noisy situation, use your iPhone as a remote microphone, and the sound will go wirelessly to your ears. Resound is also the first hearing manufacturer to use 2.4 GHz technology to stream sound wirelessly from your TV/Computer directly to your hearing aids.

Click this link for an update from Resound at the Consumer Electronics Show.