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7 juin, 2021

Beware Of The Cotton Swab

The Science of Hearing is a group of independently owned hearing clinics from across Canada. One of the issues we […]


24 avril, 2020

Odd Correlation Between Covid-19 And Hearing Loss

Jonathan Kay, editor for Quilette (previous editor of the Walrus and journalist for the National Post), has written an interesting […]

By Eric McKeown


20 juillet, 2017

Are We Supposed To Clean Our Ears?

Taking care of your ears is important to ensure you can hear properly. Cerumen or Earwax is healthy in normal […]

By Neil Fine


9 janvier, 2017

Hearing With Your Brain

Early on in life we’re taught that we hear with our ears. It turns out that we actually hear with […]


23 décembre, 2015

Hearing The Grandchildren

The month of December is always an interesting time in our practice. You wouldn’t think it would be possible to […]

By Pamela Flatt


19 décembre, 2014

Noisy Toys – A Christmas Wish To Santa

Christmas is almost upon us! Santa and his Elves must be working tirelessly to wrap up their preparations for the […]

By Peter Benstead    


4 septembre, 2014

7 Month Old Reacts To Sound

This is a priceless video showing a young 7 month old getting new hearing aids. Note that this child does […]

By Eric McKeown


22 avril, 2014

Hearing Loss As A Benefit?

Kara Maclean, Audiologist in Saint John New Brunswick came across this wonderfully written article in The Globe and Mail, by […]

By By Sharon Gerger


22 juillet, 2013

Up To My Ears

A friend recently pointed out a great essay written in the Globe and Mail last week. The title is “Up […]

By Eric McKeown


2 avril, 2013

Hearing Loss And Depression

Amid the growing recognition of the high incidence of depression and the many effective treatment options available to treat this […]

By Amanda Kirkpatrick