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28 mars, 2024

Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL) is the only true “emergency” in the audiological field due to its time sensitive treatment […]

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9 août, 2021

Your Local Independent Hearing Clinic

All hearing clinics are not equal. They can be different in many ways, and we think locally owned is better. […]

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7 juin, 2021

Beware Of The Cotton Swab

The Science of Hearing is a group of independently owned hearing clinics from across Canada. One of the issues we […]

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7 juin, 2021

Online Buyer Beware

Hearing aids that can be purchased online or through retailors, also known as direct to consumer hearing aids, have become […]

By Chelsey Enman

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26 novembre, 2020

Hearing Aids and the Pandemic

One of the odd side effects of the Pandemic involves masks and their relationship with hearing aids. Both are fighting […]

By Eric McKeown

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24 avril, 2020

Odd Correlation Between Covid-19 And Hearing Loss

Jonathan Kay, editor for Quilette (previous editor of the Walrus and journalist for the National Post), has written an interesting […]

By Eric McKeown

Advances in Tinnitus Management - The Science of Hearing


31 juillet, 2019

Advances In Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus, often described as ringing in the ears, can be a debilitating condition. Thankfully there have been great strides in […]

By Peter Benstead

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12 décembre, 2018

Micro-electronics Don’t Like The Cold!

Micro-electronics like cell phones and hearing devices really don’t like cold temperatures. If they’re exposed to cooler temperatures for too […]

By Nadia Tymczyszyn

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26 avril, 2018

Potassium Helps Us Hear, So Let’s Go Bananas!

A cleverly titled article recently caught my attention. Catherine Heuzenroeder from ABC Australia recently posted an article called “Let’s Go […]

By Eric McKeown

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20 juillet, 2017

Are We Supposed To Clean Our Ears?

Taking care of your ears is important to ensure you can hear properly. Cerumen or Earwax is healthy in normal […]

By Neil Fine


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