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“The Way I Hear It,” is a new book by renowned hearing loss advocate Gael Hannan of Toronto. “The way I see it,” is a far more common term, meaning one’s unique perspective, not limited to what one sees with the eyes. Similarly, what we can hear shapes our destiny, which hearing people take for granted, but certainly not those who are hard of hearing. Indeed, miscues and misunderstandings can change our lives and our personalities, to the point where we behave differently when it comes to everyday conversations. It’s a theme that Gael has picked up and explained so well in her book.

As a mother of a now-adult son, and the loving wife of a hearing husband, Gael Hannan is an effective advocate in this book as someone know knows her issues dead-on—she has had a progressive hearing loss all throughout her life. Moreover, she devotes time to being a public speaker and dramatist in order to spread her wisdom about hearing loss, and a lot of the book contains the valuable advice she is well-equipped to convey.

My favourite part of the book was when she talks about the challenge of listening to campfire stories in an environment where it’s practically impossible to lipread. Moreover, she is effective at using humour to articulate certain points, using hilarious examples of her life story. 

I encourage my clients to read this book because it offers ideas that will add to the ‘cure’. As with any medical issue where there’s no cure, not only do you take the pills and/ or drugs to fight, but also you go through a mental change, a well being change, and an acceptance change. While I can give you the ‘pill / hearing aid’, this book will give you the tools for mental well being, and acceptance of change. 

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